About Us


The Philippine Cultural and Technical Association of Returned Overseas Scholars (PHILCULTAROS) was founded in March 15, 1965, and served as the Alumni Association of over 10,000 Filipino ex-AOTS trainees in Japan. It is a member of the Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni (PHILFEJA) and the Federation of South East Asian AOTS Alumni Societies (FOSAAS), and is a duly recognized organization by the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines.


To be recognized as the Premier AOTS Alumni Society by 2023 within ASEAN. •


To expedite strengthening of the organization.

To help in nation building thru the engagement and sponsorship of qualified individuals for training by AOTS.


  1. To comply with all government regulations & requirements.
  2. To amend the constitution & By-laws
  3. To invite more quality members
  4. To enhance the connection with AOTS
  5. To develop & cascade/echo seminars/trainings
  6. To intensify information dissemination
  7. To develop relationship with other agencies/organizations.


We believe that to attain quality growth and success, PHILCULTAROS will exhibit integrity, teamwork, respect with humility, accountability, innovation and empowerment under the spirit of ethics and excellence while having fun in the process.