AOTS Japan

Hello friends!Recently the government of Japan has gradually allowing the foreigners to enter Japan. AOTS also expects that our trainees will come to our Centers in the very near future. Furthermore we have been requested to accommodate foreigners who are under the 14 days’ self-quarantine after arriving in Japan. As the first budge of this, 156 Malaysian students stayed at TKC from 22nd October till 6th November, which was a request by the Embassy of Malaysia in Japan. On 5th November, the Embassy of Malaysia organized an orientation session for the students who will study at different universities in Japan, and on 6th Nov, all of them safely completed their self-quarantine then left TKC. One of the students left a lovely memo to show her appreciation to AOTS. We are deeply impressed by her warm heart and sophisticated manner.This time, we closely worked with the Embassy of Malaysia. We are happy to work with their excellent team and would like to appreciate their dedicated work.AOTS wishes the success and health of all the students!TKC office