Ambrose Industries Inc.

Primary Products/Services: Metal fabrication , auto parts , ED & powder coating . Steel racks and furniture.

Short description: We are an OEM Automotive metal parts manufacturer , steel furniture and racking system manufacturer and stamping and ED and Powder coating contractor.


Goldwin Manufacturing Laboratories Corp.

Primary Products/Services: Skin care products such as soaps, creams, lotions, toners, shampoos

Short description: Cosmetic manufacturer


HDR Plastic MFG Corp

Primary Products/Services: Hdpe pipe, plastic Film and Bags

Short description: Plastic Manufacturer


Megasamsotite, Inc.

Primary Products/Services: Plastic Products, LED Lights, Mold Making

Short description: Manufacturer of plastic products, Distributor of LED lights, Mold Maker

Website: Megasamsotite/ Megalight

Multiflex RNC Phil Inc Uratex

Primary Products/Services: Mattress, Foams, Plastic Chairs

Short description: We manufacture and market the brand Uratex Foam to various industries such as bedding, automotive, furntiure and among others.


Nuevochem Specialties Inc.

Primary Products/Services: Alcohol, soap, and polyurethane chemicals

Short description: Manufacturer and distributor of chemicals and cosmetic products



Primary Products/Services: Silver/Gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings. Custom-made. Corporate giveaways.

Short description: Manufacture and sales of silver/gold jewelry and accessories.


Paper and Stationery Products Manufacturing, Inc

Primary Products/Services: Wood pencils

Short description: Pencil manufacturing for export to US and Europe