[WEBINAR] Developing new Initiatives using Lean Business Model

Mongolia-AOTS will organize a WNF program titled “Developing new Initiatives using Lean Business Model.”
The three-day webinar series, starting October 20, will explain the following.

• To introduce Lean methodology to eliminate any form of waste in new initiatives (ventures) and be efficient with resources;

• To provide a clear roadmap in developing Lean canvas;

• To show ways to systematically test your initial assumptions;

• To iterate toward achieving Product/market fit.

Application Deadline Wed, 13 October 2021 (Ulaanbaatar)
APPLY TO AOTS Alumni Society of Mongolia

TEL: +976-99178814

Person in Charge: D.Narantuya

Email: bold316@gmail.com aots.narantuya@gmail.com

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