[WEBINAR] Carbon Neutrality and Digital Transformation

[WEBINAR] Carbon Neutrality and Digital Transformation


Global Warming and Carbon Neutral

How to go carbon neutral

Examples of DX applications to improve factory productivity

September 12, 2022 (Monday)




In principle, company owner, executives, managers, supervisors, etc. of manufacturing companies

* Must be 20 years or older

* Japanese nationals are not eligible to apply.

Register here: https://bit.ly/KROP042022

DEADLINE: August 15, 2022

[WEBINAR] Online Program on Amoeba Management

[WEBINAR] Online Program on Amoeba Management

Day1 Tue. 6 Sep.  3:00PM -6:00PM

Day2 Tue. 13 Sep.  3:00PM -6:00PM

Day3 Fri. 16 Sep.  3:00PM -6:00PM

Day4 Tue. 20 Sep.  3:00PM -6:00PM

*Participation in all four days of the program is required.




Company owners, executives, senior and middle managers in in Developing Countries

(20 years old and over)

DEADLINE: Tue. 9 Aug.



[WEBINAR] Business strategy and DX in times of change: benefits and possibilities

[WEBINAR] Business strategy and DX in times of change: benefits and possibilities

Wednesday, 24, August 2022, 5:00PM-8:30PM


1. Management strategy in the DX era: accelerating digitalization through the COVID19

2. Case studies of DX in Japanese companies

3. DX and value co-creation: what is value co-creation as a source of competitive advantage?


Prof. Takamasa Fujioka, PhD

Graduate School of Global Business of Meiji University, Tokyo Japan/

Director, Sasin Japan Center at Sasin School of Management of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


Company owners, executives and senior managers.

(Participants should be 20 years old and over.)

Register here: https://bit.ly/KROP022022


Monday, 1st August 2022

[WORKSHOP] Growing Microgreens & Japanese Natural Farming Techniques

In partnership with Urban Farmers and MKP, Philcultaros is inviting everyone to our upcoming workshop Growing Microgreens & Japanese Natural Farming Techniques on SUNDAY, July 17, 2022! 🥦🥬

Learn About Basic Farming, Organic Farming Concoctions & Techniques used in Japan. Plus, know more about growing Microgreens! Registration starts at 8:00am! This is open to everyone! Every participant also gets a Handmade Kimono Bag, a farmer hat and Harvest Farm Veggies! 🌱

Register here: https://bit.ly/philcultarosurbanfarming01

Slots are limited so please register today!

[WEBINAR] Project Management in a New Era, Practical Training for Enhancing your Skills and Knowledge Drastically


Project Management in a New Era, Practical Training for Enhancing your Skills and Knowledge Drastically

-For further development of Project Management Practitioners-


This year, the training content has been restructured based on feedback received after the online seminar held in FY2021.

The training period will be increased by one day, case studies and exercises will be expanded, and there will be more time for participants to actively exchange opinions with the lecturers.

Main Lecturer: Dr. Hiroshi TANAKA

Academic Adviser, Founder and

ex-President Project Management Association of Japan (PMAJ)

Lecturer: Mr. Masatake FUTAMI

Workshop Facilitator, Lecturer (Partial)

Project Management Association of Japan (PMAJ)

Pre-Training Session

Thu 25 Aug 3:00~4:00PM JST

Lecture Day1

Mon 29 Aug

3:00~6:00PM MNL

Lecture Day2

Tue 30 Aug

3:00~6:00PM MNL

Lecture Day3

Wed 31 Aug

3:00~6:00PM MNL

*Participation in all four days sessions is required.

Participation fee: 90USD

Enrollment limit:30 Participants

Target: Directors, senior managers in companies and/or project leaders or managers who are in a position to plan and/or manage projects in developing countries.

20 years old and over.

Language: English

Online method: Zoom Meeting

**AOTS certificate will be awarded to the participants who participate in more than two thirds of the total webinar time.

Application deadline:

25 July 2022

Apply to


TEL : +63998 596 2297

Person in charge: Tina Velasco

Email: philcultaros.trainings@gmail.com

Register here: https://bit.ly/KROP012022

Invitation to The 1st 第1回 2022 ICOSA Web Seminar (2022/4/23)ご案内

Invitation to The 1st 第1回 2022 ICOSA Web Seminar (2022/4/23)ご案内

ICOSA会員及び関係者各位/Dear ICOSA Members and Friends,

2022年4月23日(土)14時から2022年度第1回ICOSA Webセミナーを開催します。

The 1st ICOSA Web Seminar 2022 will be held from 14:00 on Saturday, 23 April 2022.

次のリンクからお申込みください。/ Please apply from the following Link;