The Program on ICT Utilization to overcome DX-related Strategic Management Challenges [PICT]

The Program on ICT Utilization to overcome DX-related Strategic Management Challenges [PICT]

【Course Objectives】

– To deepen the participants’ understanding of how ICT utilization in the Japanese manufacturing and logistics industries as well as service industries has changed the industries in the current situation.

– To have them comprehend how strategically important ICT utilization in corporate management is by seeing case examples in some Japanese companies,

– To enable participants to enhance their corporate management capabilities so that they can start/utilize ICT in their own corporate management.

Date : 6 March – 17 March 2023 (12 days)

Venue : AOTS Tokyo Kenshu Center Target Participants (residents of developing countries) :

– Owners or directors of companies in the manufacturing, logistics, or service industries

-Senior managers who are engaged in ICT utilization   

-Middle to senior managers who are engaged in the work of system development in companies

Application Deadline : 21 December 2022

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Training Program on Organizational Revitalization(TPOR)

Training Program on Organizational Revitalization(TPOR)

Improve leadership skills to revitalize the organization

【Objectives of the program】

– To understand the attitudes of leaders that promote organizational revitalization.

– To learn about organizational development methods.

– To learn about examples of Japanese companies that have succeeded in penetrating management philosophy and implemented organizational development initiatives.

– To enable participants to recognize their own leadership role in revitalizing their own organizations and improving productivity, and to develop specific action plans upon their return.

Entry Qualification

– Mid- to senior-level managers of companies in developing countries.

– more than 20 years old and over.

– University graduates and/or have equivalent professional experience.

– Sufficient working knowledge of English.

Date: From Tue 21 February to Thu2 March 2023 (10days)

Fee: A part of this program partly subsidized by Japanese Government.

Venue: AOTS Kansai Kenshu Center (KKC)

7-5, Asaka 1-chome, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, Osaka 558-0021

*Application Deadline: 15 December 2022

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The Training Program on Program & Project Management

The Training Program on Program & Project Management

 Acquire the fundamental methods and basic application skills of project management used to manage a single project

 Familiarize themselves with “agile project management method”, an emerging variation of project management which is suited to software development, development of a highly innovative product or service, and stepwise corporate innovation where no model or prototype exists hence, it is difficult to define what to make from the beginning

 Learn the concept of program management at an advanced level which is gaining increasingly important roles for business competitiveness, innovation in a variety of sectors, and sustainability in global competition

 Enable the participants to obtain deeper understanding of roles of project managers and program managers in the contemporary fast moving economy and industry and the society.

Target: Directors, senior managers in companies and/or project leaders or managers who are in a position to plan and/or manage projects in the participant’s country. Managers or staff of industrial promotion organizations and/or business associations who support local companies in facilitating project management may also be accepted.

*20 years old and over

Date: From 1 to 13 March 2023

*Application Deadline: 22 Dec 2022

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The Program for Japanese Corporate Management [PJCM]

The Program for Japanese Corporate Management [PJCM]

-Learning from Ethos of Japanese Corporate Management-

Course Benefits

To understand the spirit of Japanese management by closely examining the essence.

To gain insight into ideas and methods that participants could incorporate in their own companies.

To understand long-established Japanese family business enterprises and their efforts and innovations to perpetuate their enterprises.

To consider how to apply the management methods learnt in this course into own enterprises.

Date   :15 February – 2 March 2023(16days)

Venue :AOTS Kansai Kenshu Center

Target Participants :Owners, Directors and Senior Managers who are responsible for organizational management

Participation Fee : JPY 168,000

Deadline : 25 November 2022 (Fri.)


Person in charge : Tina Velasco