[WEBINAR] Program for Women Leaders Aiming for Further Growth amid COVID-19

[Seminar Report from TKC]

Program for Women Leaders Aiming for Further Growth amid COVID-19

SDGs – Towards the Promotion of Female Empowerment

From 17 Aug. to 19 Aug.

This program is AOTS online seminar (webinar) designed for female company owners, executives, and senior managers in all developing countries who are interested in learning how to improve and practice their leadership ability even in COVID-19 Pandemic, and using what they have learned to increase the added value of the company.

AOTS is pleased to report that 40 participants have successfully took part in this intensive program for 3 consecutive days.Ms. Toshiko Kawanami, Representative, Nami HR Network, who is the lecturer of this program has taught participants important leadership qualities for decades at AOTS. In this program, she lectured about various good examples of women leadership. Participants joined very actively and exchanged their views and even concerns frankly and openly to survive this critical situation and grow themselves.

They also attended a special video factory tour conducted by Ogura Kinzoku Co., Ltd which has developed a company culture with their 5S philosophy and has continued to maintain their business for about 100 years even in the pandemic. Ms. Noriko Ogura, Vice President of this company shared her experiences and also her challenge which she has faced. This chance must have been a valuable opportunity for the participants to hear a real voice from a successful women leader.

Participants realized that they need to keep developing their leadership qualities and skills through this program.

We do hope that participants will make use of this experience and continue to more promote women’s empowerment in their own companies in the future.

Post from AOTS Japan.

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