ASA Kerala – “Maximizing #Productivity & Quality – Productive Maintenance Approach (PQPA)”

Alumni Society of AOTS Kerala, #India (ASA Kerala) is hosting the WNF ASA Kerala Training #Webinar “Maximizing #Productivity & Quality – Productive Maintenance Approach (PQPA)” under WNF (World Network of Friendship). It is a 5-day webinar program held on 14, 15, 16, 20 and 21, September 2021 for free of charge.

The objective of this webinar is to introduce Maximization of productivity and quality, Equipment management, Autonomous maintenance, Lean production and Setup time reduction, related tools and techniques applicable, and employee involvement.

The target participants are, in principle, engineers from the Production and Quality Control Departments and qualified entrepreneurs. Anyone from all parts of the world can apply except India is limited to 100 seats according to the WNF stipulations.

The application deadline is September 7, 2021.

For further details and registration, please refer to the Webinar Leaflet attached and contact ASA Kerala to obtain an application form.

Post from AOTS Japan.

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