The Training Program on Program & Project Management

The Training Program on Program & Project Management

 Acquire the fundamental methods and basic application skills of project management used to manage a single project

 Familiarize themselves with “agile project management method”, an emerging variation of project management which is suited to software development, development of a highly innovative product or service, and stepwise corporate innovation where no model or prototype exists hence, it is difficult to define what to make from the beginning

 Learn the concept of program management at an advanced level which is gaining increasingly important roles for business competitiveness, innovation in a variety of sectors, and sustainability in global competition

 Enable the participants to obtain deeper understanding of roles of project managers and program managers in the contemporary fast moving economy and industry and the society.

Target: Directors, senior managers in companies and/or project leaders or managers who are in a position to plan and/or manage projects in the participant’s country. Managers or staff of industrial promotion organizations and/or business associations who support local companies in facilitating project management may also be accepted.

*20 years old and over

Date: From 1 to 13 March 2023

*Application Deadline: 22 Dec 2022

Register here:

For further information, contact Ms. Tina Velasco

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