The Program for Japanese Corporate Management [PJCM]

The Program for Japanese Corporate Management [PJCM]

-Learning from Ethos of Japanese Corporate Management-

Course Benefits

To understand the spirit of Japanese management by closely examining the essence.

To gain insight into ideas and methods that participants could incorporate in their own companies.

To understand long-established Japanese family business enterprises and their efforts and innovations to perpetuate their enterprises.

To consider how to apply the management methods learnt in this course into own enterprises.

Date   :15 February – 2 March 2023(16days)

Venue :AOTS Kansai Kenshu Center

Target Participants :Owners, Directors and Senior Managers who are responsible for organizational management

Participation Fee : JPY 168,000

Deadline : 25 November 2022 (Fri.)


Person in charge : Tina Velasco


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